Transmusic’s humble beginnings began in 1991 when Chuck Daar (aka C. Daar, MRX, Etc) recorded his first cassette of live improvised noise. Armed with 4-track & 8-track cassette recorders, a bass, a bunch of effects, and a box full of objects (as well as a stolen comic book rack which would later be electrified) he proceeded to produce roughly 340+ releases on cassette, DAT, MiniDisc, and CD between 1991-2001 (and a few past that).

This website stands as an archive of those releases presented here in the best quality editions available (which isn't saying much). Most titles can be purchased in physical editions via Amazon & digitally via iTunes, Play, etc. Most all titles are also available via Bandcamp in WAV, FLAC, ACC, ALAC, & MP3 for around $1-$3. Make sure to also check out Chuck's current labels/releases here: 5th World Musics || Noisewerks